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Dr. Kathleen D. Baxter was appointed as State Comptroller for the State of Alabama in July 2017 after being appointed Acting State Comptroller in January 2017 and Deputy State Comptroller in May 2016.

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Statement of Collections of Interest on Regular Assessments County Information
Statement of Collections of Motor Vehicle Interest County Information
Summary Statement County Information
Summary Statement Ad Valorem Tax County Information
Summary Statement Land Redemptions County Information
Summary Statement Manufactured Homes County Information
Summary Statement Motor Vehicle Tags County Information
Summary Statement Vessel Decal County Information
Supplemental ESMT Errors Payroll
Supplemental Incorrect Hours Payroll
The "Manual" Manual Manual Agencies
Travel Calendar Payroll
Travel instructions for BOR Travel Form County Information
TRS Certificate of Death Claim for Payment of Accrued and Unused Sick Leave County Information
Voucher Request Form Miscellaneous
W-2's Published on eMAP County Information
Warrant Cancellation Form Manual Agencies
Work Hours Payroll

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State Comptroller's Office

Dept. Of Finance
100 North Union Street
Suite 220
Montgomery, AL 36104

Phone numbers:
  • (334) 242-7063

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