Questions About Government Agencies & Forms

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Can anyone provide me with the court supervision forms to file with my speeding ticket as I looked everywhere I see this form for all Illinois circuit courts except ford county circuit Court there's no form to be found, contacted them but these bums don't know anything about this form and what are the fees for this court supervision program ( Plea of Guilty with agreement for a court supervision)

What happens to property taxes after the house is lost to a fire?

I completed and mailed Pennsylvania REV 516 five weeks ago and am waiting for a reply to send to my late mother's broker. I'm wondering when I should expect a response from PA Dept. of Revenue?

My placard expires at the end of March what do I do

If I got a letter in the mail to surrender my drivers license due to name change cause I got married, do I send it in the mail or take it to my dmv?

I am filling out a motion to modify child support. The original order has the child's mothers name as well as the child support office from that county. Do I need to put both their names in the "Petitioners" section?

Can I mail this fom in? If so what address do I send it to.

Looking for information on grant for home repairs in city of Keego Harbor

Does the lienholder taking possession of the vehicle via repossession upon selling sign off on the lien?

Who can I report and speak about shady insurance practices (automotive) fraud, auto body shop that committed fraud against myself and my insurance company and poor repairs to the point the car needs to be redone

If I sign this form am I giving up my current rights to my son until my spouses death? What does the wording of waive pertain to? I am I I giving up all of my rights to my son? We currently share equal custody. My son just turned 18 and my ex is asking me to sign something like this to be the co-guardian

Hello, I write surety bonds and I am writing a $5,000 driving training client class B. I need to know how to compete the DTS 22. It is confusing because I don't know what the surety completes on the form and what the notary complete. Is there an example you can send me. I have worked 2 days trying to figure this out. Thanks SHARON

If someone has legal power of attorney for his or her fiance or spouse would they be able to get a copy of thier DD214?

For Form DE-165 in California for probate, what is required in the #3 field? We are selling a house through probate and need this for to go to the other dependents. Can we simply state the following? "Intent to sell real property at Address of property for $xxx,xxx"

we have an application for Break/Bond title. Does the buyer or seller fill out this form as there is no title?

If your Administrative appeal to Superior court is dismissed for lack of jurisdiction how do I refile my appeal?

I am a subcontractor doing a capital improvement job, I have the primary owner's CI. I am hiring a sub-sub contractor do I give them the original ST-124 that was given me?

Is there a sample of this document that we can use to help complete this form?

Do I have to do anything more than put my information and sign?

What's the form called for security exchange, it's used for the obligator to financial institutions.