Questions About Government Agencies & Forms

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What do I do if I have no contact information for an heir?

We are a finance company that does loans to commercial entities. We are trying to fill out the Application for Lien Code Assignment and/or Enrollment/Change in Electronic Lien system. Under Section "A" I am not sure how to fill out this section. I believe we opt for Item B. " The lien holder making application is exempt from obtaining a Maryland lender's license or sales finance license. However, we are a financial institution (not FDIC insured) and not a bank. Can someone tell us how to fill out this form please?

Do I have to respond to form DOL-2349E?

At the top of page 1, what state & county is the bond referring to? Is it the Surety Company or the Principal's state and County???

What is the difference between "Hours per week" and "Logged hours" when it comes to individual and group supervision?

how do I get my acct number for VIT?

How many hours need to be completed?

I am not understanding what information is need for the lower half.

Once page 1 is complete is the form filed with the court for a judge's signature before serving on the judgement debtor?

How do I file for continuance order? Do I need a lawyer to do this?

What type of plans do we need to submit if we are only doing paint and flooring in a shell space?

How do I get proof of ignition interlock employment exemption waiver if I can't find the original one

what information is entered on the line after as follows on the form

How do I fill out the address section

Are the applications submitted through email? or can they also be submitted by mail?

how can i find out if my company already has an existing online account i can log on to in order to view UI informaton, or if i need to create one?

I need assistance to complete an electrical fee sheet in order to obtain a permit

How do I get a indefinite CDL suspension removed from my suspended driver's license so I can renew or keep my CDL even though there are 12 points on my record for 2 DUIs?

How long does a trustee have to pay off a lien of a vehicle owned in Virginia to transfer title to the deceased's trust account

Where do I submit a form 50-181?