Questions About Government Agencies & Forms

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My child has completed the online 4 hour abreviated drivers education. I have the affidavit form, but do I need to also have a form to document the 24 hours of drive time with a licensed driver?

For Trans Type - I have a CA car and I need a MO title and MO registration for my car. DO I check the new plates and title boxes?

Hi, can you please clarify if I need to fill out a claim certification for a Paid Family Leave Appeal? I did not attach the hospital record for my son's birth and was denied benefits. Now I need to file an appeal but I am struggling to find information if I need to fill out claim certification. Thank you.

What form do I use to have my child support arrears reduced from my SSI/ disability

on form PR-165 what form do I use for accounting or is it freeform attachmnet?

Can a law office that is handling your wage garnishment deny you access to your DC-CV-066( judgment creditors monthly report)?

On part A of the form 5086, is the purchaser required to have dealers license? Are the other parts of this form required

The building which we are requesting an existing occupancy can't be found. It's an older building in Ocean Beach, but commercial space so it should exist. Barring that, can someone help with exactly what we need to obtain a new occupancy certificate? The instructions aren't exactly clear on what is needed.

HW14 withholding form: Does TOTAL WAGES PAID (include COLA, 3rd party sick leave, and other benefits) Enter “0” if no wages were paid or no tax withheld............... mean gross total or net?

I am SC resident who wants to file a summary judge on debtor in South Richmondhill Queens NY. what forms i need to fill out?

How do I upload the extension request form along with supporting documents?

My wife is co-owner of this property, but has a different home address from mine (same property address). Should we fill out two forms, each showing different "property owner addresses" for the same description/PIN?

How do I gift a pickup truck to my son?

I don't understand section 4 for my situation. My household comprises of two individuals and our household income exceeds the 140% AMI limit. However section 4 wants to declare that our income DOES NOT exceed the AMI. Which it does... What do I do?

Filling out form JDF 417 What do I put in the field asking "Petition of" ? , thank you

I got homestead approved. How do I claim my overpaid home taxes back?

I am in a General Partnership with someone. I wish to leave it. Already left at state level, so leaving at IRS level is last step. Is form 8979 the correct form? What fields do I fill out if I am submitting the form? I don’t know what I’m called and what I need to do i.e. revocation Vs resignation. Any help will be amazing. IRS is impossible to reach for assistance.

Do I put my driver's license number where it says owner Id #1

Who do I file this form with after filling it out? Do I go directly to a sherif or to my lawyer?

Hello, I have a question regarding section E and facility information sheet on the hs215A application form. In Section E when question 1 asks if the applicant has ever been involved with a business entity that operated a health facility, do that pertain to other health facilities that are not under the same FQHC organization? Santa Rosa Community Health Centers encompasses a lot of clinic sites, so would the CEO applicant have to answer "yes" and then name all of the associated clinic sites in the "facility information sheet" section of the application? Or if the CEO applicant has only been associated with Santa Rosa Community Health Centers and its associated sites the answer should be "no"?