Petition to Register Foreign Order (NHJB-2063-F)

This government document is issued by Judicial Branch for use in New Hampshire

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  • Circuit Court
  • Family Division
  • Divorce / Parenting
  • Divorce / Parenting

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Hi! I would like to know if the is an instruction form in order to help me filling up the Petition to Register Foreign Order? Or if there is a phone number I can call to get the questions I have answered. * Is this the right form to register my foreign divorce?( I got married in Concord - NH) * Is there a fee? * Court Name: ??? what do I use? * Case Name: ??? What do I use? * Case Number: ??? What do I use? * Field names are to short for my children names, what to do? * My divorce is final. Do I have to fill up fields 10 - 12? * How to procede to fill the form? On line or e-file? * How to included the copy of the Translated divorce with the form? * Does any document need to be notarized? * Do I have to send ID's from both parts? * Can I sent the forms and evidences by mail? What is the address? Sincerely, Jucimar
Jucimar Do Nascimento

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