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Admin Policy 4.01 Policy for use of Library meeting/event rental facilities-approved January 28, 2019
Admin Policy 4.03 Display Policy -approved May15, 2017
Admin Policy 4.04 Bylaws of the Board of Trustees of the Glendora Public Library -approved October 21, 2019
Admin Policy 4.05 Collection Development -approved March 19, 2018
Admin Policy 4.06 Library Volunteer Policy -approved March 20, 2017
Admin Policy 4.08 Use of Facilities by Minors-approved Jan 22, 2018
Admin Policy 4.09 Appropriate Library Behavior -approved September 19, 2016
Admin Policy 4.13 Internet Policy -approved March 18, 2019
CalGreen Residential Mandatory Measures
California Licensed Contractor's Declaration Form
Commercial Submittal Requirements
Demolition of In-Ground Swimming Pool
Demolition Submittal Requirements
Design Criteria
Display Case Application
Electronic File Submittal Guidelines
Eligibility Checklist - Toolkit Document #2
Field Inspection Guide for Rooftop Photovoltaic
Glendora Library Facilities Application
Kitchen / Bath Remodel Plan Check Requirements

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