The Defense Health Agency supports uniformed services health care, including the TRICARE health plan.

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Armed Forces Medical Examiner System Consultation Request Form
Assistance Reporting Tool (ART)
Audio Metric Database System (AUDBASE) 2.3
Autopsy Attendee Roster
Autopsy Diagram Extended Neck
Autopsy Diagram Male Lat View
Autopsy Diagram of a Female
Autopsy Diagram of an Infant
Autopsy Diagram of the Brain
Autopsy Diagram of the Hands
Autopsy Diagram of the Head and Neck
Autopsy Diagram Skeletal AP View
Autopsy Interrnal Description Sheet
Autopsy/Specimen Description Sheet
Best Practices for Safeguarding Laptops June 2022
Best Practices for Verification of Identity June 2022
Blood Donor Management System (BDMS)
Blood Management Blood Bank/Transfusion System
Brand over Generic Prior Authorization Form
BUMED Manpower Information System II BUMIS II PIA

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