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1099 Income Withholding Tax Return Withholding/Payroll Tax
2016 Colorado Property Tax/Rent/Heat/Rebate Booklet Ptc Rebate, PTC Rebate
Account Changes or Closure Use Tax
Account Changes or Closure Withholding/Payroll Tax
Account Changes or Closure Sales Tax
Affidavit Retail Sales of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane Other Fuel Taxes
Affiliations -- Schedule Severance Tax
Aircraft Manufacturer Employee Pass-through Schedule Corporation Income Tax
Aircraft Manufacturer New Employee Progress Report Corporation Income Tax
Alternative Minimum Tax Schedule Individual Income Tax
Amended Form for current tax year Individual Income Tax
Amended Return Corporation Income Tax
Amended Return Fiduciary Income Tax
Amended Return (use 106 form, write Amended at the top Partnership Income Tax
Annual Reconciliation -- Gaming Winnings Withholding/Payroll Tax
Annual Reconciliation -- Tax Withheld Oil/Gas Payments Severance Tax
Annual Transmittal -- State 1099 Forms Withholding/Payroll Tax
Annual Transmittal -- W-2s (2016 and prior Withholding/Payroll Tax
Annual Transmittal -- W-2s (2017 and forward Withholding/Payroll Tax
Application -- Cigarette Distributor Cigarette Tax

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