English Language Acquisition Office

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Part of the Department of Education, the English Language Acquisition Office supports programs for students learning English.

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Form Title Topics
ED 524-B Form - Grant Performance Report
ED 524-B Form - Grant Performance Report (Part 2 - Project Status)
ED 524 Example for Grants under Restricted Rate Programs: Additional Indirect Cost Information
ED 524 Example for Training Grants: Additional Indirect Cost Information
ED 524 Form and Instructions - Budget Information, Non – Construction Programs
ED 80-0016 Form - Certification of Eligibility for Federal Assistance in Certain Programs
ED Abstract
ED Grant Application Form for Project Objectives and Performance Measures Information - 1894-0017
ED Supplemental Form for SF 424
Electronic Notification Option for Grant Awards
Evidence Form—1894-0001
General Education Provisions Act (GEPA) Requirements - Section 427
Grants.Gov - Certification Regarding Lobbying
Instructions to ED Supplemental Form for SF 424
Instructions to Form SF 424
Ready Reserve, Standby Reserve, and Military Retiree form
RI-20-97 Estimated Earnings During Military Service
SF 1152 Designation of Beneficiary (Civilian Employment) (optional)
SF-15 Application for 10 point Veteran Preference
SF-180 Request Pertaining to Military Records

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