Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

Official Website: https://fasab.gov/

The Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board works to improve government accountability by issuing federal financial accounting and reporting standards that conform to industry best practices.

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Form Title Topics
Capital and Operating Leases Research Report
Leases Implementation Guidance Updates
Management’s Discussion and Analysis Best Practices Report
Memorandum of Understanding
Natural Resources Discussion Paper
Overview of Federal Accounting Concepts & Standards: Report #1
Recommendations to the FASAB for Developing Standards to Integrate Tax Expenditure Information into the Government-wide Financial Report
Records Retention Timeframes for Property, Plant, & Equipment Research Report
Reexamination of Existing Standards
Report of the Financial Reporting Model Task Force
Rules of Procedures
Statement of Members’ Responsibilities
Strategic Directions
Word Version of Questions for Respondents
Word Version of Questions for Respondents

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