Federal Communications Commission

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The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications through cable, radio, television, satellite and wire. The goal of the Commission is to promote connectivity and ensure a robust and competitive market.

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Form Title Topics
Abbreviated Cost of Service Filing for Cable Network Upgrades
Annual Statistical Report of Settlement Operations
Application for an International, Experimental Television, Experimental Facsimile, or a Developmental Broadcast Station License
Application for Authority to Construct or Make Changes in an International or Experimental Broadcast Station
Application for Certification as an Accounting Authority
Application for Permit to Deliver Programs to Foreign Broadcast Stations
Application for Renewal of an International, or Experimental Broadcast Station License
Application or Notification for Spectrum Leasing Arrangement or Private Commons Arrangement
Associate WTB Call Signs & Antenna Registration Numbers With Licensee's FRN
Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity Model Program Report
Broadcast Station Annual Employment Report
Cable Television Annual Employment Report 2000
Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate
Certificate of Compliance with the Radio Provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, (As Amended)
Common Carrier Annual Employment Report
Communications Act Safety Radiotelephony Certificate
CORES Registration Form
CORES Update/Change Forms
Determining Regulated Cable Equipment and Installation Costs "Equipment Form"
Establishing Maximum Permitted Rates for Regulated Cable Services on Small Cable Systems

Contact Information & Office Locations

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Federal Communications Commission

45 L Street NE
Washington, DC 20554

Phone numbers:
  • (888) 225-5322
  • (844) 432-2275
Fax numbers:
  • (866) 418-0232

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