Program for certified interpreters to serve in federal courts and help deaf people and speakers of languages other than English to communicate.

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Form Title Topics
Additional Conditions of Release
Advice of Penalties/Acknowledgment
Amended Judgment in Criminal Case
Anticipatory Search and Seizure Warrant
Apostille (Convention de La Haye, 5 Octobre 1961)
Apostille Index Card
Apostille Specimen Signature Card
Appearance Bond
Appearance Bond of Witness
Appearance of Counsel
Application for a Search Warrant
Application for a Tracking Warrant
Application for a Warrant by Telephone or Other Reliable Electronic Means
Application for a Warrant to Seize Property Subject to Forfeiture
Application for Judicial Branch Federal Employment
Application to Proceed in District Court Without Prepaying Fees or Costs (Long Form)
Arrest Warrant
Attendance and Transcripts of United States Court Reporters
Attendance Ledger
Attorney Oath on Admission

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Administrative Office of the US Courts

Office of Public Affairs
Washington, DC 20544

Phone numbers:
  • (202) 479-3211

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