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The Office of Housing regulates the housing industry and administers the Federal Housing Administration. The regulatory programs administered by the Office of Housing include single family housing and multifamily housing programs.

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Accommodation Request For Persons With Disabilities
Assignment/Assumption Agreement
Certificate for Sanitization
Cuando una Agencia Pública Adquiere su Propiedad
Field Issue Resolution System Input Record
GNMA - Letter of Transmittal
Good Faith Estimate
Grant Award/Amendment
Historial de Entrevista del Empleado (08/2016)
HUD Records/NonRecords Destruction Form
IPIA Request for Labels (Order Control)
Multifamily Insurance Branch Claim
Optional Form for Transactions without Sellers
Overtime Authorization
Payment Information Treasury Financial Communication System
Record of Clearances
Record of Employee Interview
Record of Imprest Fund Emergency Salary Payment
Relocation Assistance to Displaced Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations
Relocation Assistance to Displaced Businesses, Nonprofit Organizations - Arabic

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451 7th Street, S.W
Washington, DC 20410

Phone numbers:
  • (202) 708-1112
  • (202) 708-1455 (TYY)

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