U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Official Website: https://www.ice.gov/

Immigration and Customs Enforcement enforces federal laws governing border control, customs, trade, and immigration.

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Form Title Topics
Affidavit in Lieu of Lost Receipt of United States ICE for Collateral Accepted as Security
Application for a Stay of Deportation or Removal
Designation of Attorney In Fact
Electronic Funds Transfer Waiver Request Form
Fee Remittance Form for Certain F, J, and M Non-immigrants
Immigration Bond
Information Relating to Beneficiary of Private Bill
Notification of Departure of Alien Bonded
Obligor Change of Address
Privacy Waiver Authorizing Disclosure to a Third Party En Español
Request for Immigration Bond Information by Alien
Revocation of Designation of Attorney In Fact

Contact Information & Office Locations

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ICE Leadership
500 12th St., SW
Washington, DC 20536

Phone numbers:
  • (202) 732-5000

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