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The Marine Corps is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for delivering task forces on land, at sea, and in the air.

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Recruiting Station Raleigh

Phone numbers:
  • (919) 874-2169

Recruiting Station Richmond

Phone numbers:
  • (804) 272-0458 (ext 201)

Recruiting Station Salt Lake City

Phone numbers:
  • (801) 209-4338

Recruiting Station San Antonio

Phone numbers:
  • (210) 283-6292

Recruiting Station San Diego

Phone numbers:
  • (858) 675-4932

Recruiting Station San Francisco

Phone numbers:
  • (650) 603-8953

Recruiting Station Seattle

Phone numbers:
  • (206) 762-1645

Recruiting Station Springfield

Phone numbers:
  • (413) 474-6311

Recruiting Station St. Louis

Phone numbers:
  • (314) 331-4567

Recruiting Station Twin Cities

Phone numbers:
  • (612) 799-7546

U.S. Joint Command

Phone numbers:
  • (757) 836-6552-6555

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Atlantic

Phone numbers:
  • (757) 836-1581

U. S. Naval Media Center, Det Rota, U. S. Naval Station

Phone numbers:
  • (011) 34-228-871-2699

U.S. Pacific Command (J01PA)

Phone numbers:
  • (808) 477-1341/9026

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