Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation

Official Website: https://www.jpml.uscourts.gov/

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation determines whether civil actions pending in two or more federal judicial districts should be transferred to a single federal district court for pretrial proceedings.

Forms & Documents

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Adding Corporate Affiliations to CM/ECF
Checklist for E-Filings
CM/ECF Attorney User’s Manual
Corporate Disclosure Form
Notice of Appearance
Notice of Appearance Form
Notice of Appearance with Schedule
Notice of Opposition
Notice of Opposition with Schedule
Notice of Presentation or Waiver Form
Notice of Tag-Along Action
Notice of Tag-Along Actions with Schedule

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Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building
One Columbus Circle, NE
Room G-255, North Lobby
Washington, DC 20544-0005

Phone numbers:
  • (202) 502-2800
  • (202) 502-2822 (Help desk)

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