National Interagency Fire Center

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The National Interagency Fire Center coordinates the national mobilization of resources for wildland fire and other incidents throughout the United States.

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2011 DOI Absence and Leave Handbook
2012 DOI Hours of Duty Handbook
Address Change Form With EFT Waiver
Approved List (2015)
Approving Official Batch Memo
Approving Official Batch Memo with Travel
ATGS Cadre/GA Reps
ATGS Priority List
ATGS Qualifications by GACC
Batch Memo Manifest
BLM1400-71, Personal Emergency Information Form
BLM1400-71, Personal Emergency Information Form
BLM1400-71, Personal Emergency Information Form
BLM EEO Policy, IM-2020-013
BLM Fire and Aviation - Administrative Procedures
BLM Fire and Aviation EEO Policy
BLM Reasonable Accommodation Policy
Casual Pay Datamart Report Request Form
Casual Pay Datamart Request Form
CGE Vendor Master Request Form

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National Interagency Fire Center
3833 Development Avenue
Boise, ID 83705-5354

Phone numbers:
  • (208) 387-5512

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