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2020 Catcher-Processor Form
2020 Catcher Vessel Form
2020 First Receiver and Shorebased Processors Form
2020 Mothership Form
AFA Inshore Catcher Vessel Cooperative Permit
AFA Inshore Vessel Contract Fishing Notification
AFA Permit for Rebuilt, Replacement, or Removed Vessel
Affidavit of Capital Construction Fund Agreement's Inactive Status
Affidavit of NO Capital Construction Fund Activity
Agreement for Observer Reports
Amendment 80 Non-AFA Trawl Gear Catcher/Processor Economic Data Report
Application for Appointment in the NOAA Commissioned Officer
Application for Appointment in the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps (Instruction/Questionnaire)
Application for Transit Benefits
Application Information Cover Letter
Application Instructions
Artifacts Loan Agreement
Authorization For Release of Medical Records
Bibliographic Data Sheet (OAR)
Bill of Lading Request

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1401 Constitution Avenue NW
Room 5128
Washington, DC 20230

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