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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration manages federal spectrum use, makes grants to develop and deploy broadband internet, conducts telecommunications research, and advises the president on telecommunications and information policy issues.

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Acronyms/ Clarification of Terms
A. usTLD Team A-1
B.1 Statement of Purpose
B.2 Core Registry Functions
B.3 Core Policy Requirements
B.4 Locality-Based usTLD Structure Functions
B.5 Expanded usTLD Space Functions
B. Contractor Requirements
C. NeuStar's Vision of the usTLD
Compliance Matrix
D. Enhancing the Utility of the usTLD
E. Current State of the usTLD Domain Space
F. Centralized usTLD Database and Enhanced Shared Registration System
G. Draft Delegated Managers/Administrator Contract
H. Draft Registrar/Registry Contract
I. Start-up Phase Policies
J. Registration Process
K. Outreach to Current Locality-based usTLD Users
L. Funding for the usTLD
M. Description of Cost Elements

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Main Office

1401 Constitution Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20230

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