Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

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The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation insures and guarantees private sector workers' pensions.

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Form Title Topics
Annual Financial and Actuarial Information Reporting (ERISA § 4010) (illustrative form)
Annuity Purchase Information (Attachment A to Schedule MP)
Certification of Sufficiency (Schedule EA-S to Form 500)
Defined Contribution Plans
Enrolled Actuary Certification (Schedule EA-D)
Notice of Additional Contributions Under ERISA 4062(e)(4)
Notice of Election Under ERISA 4062(e)(4)
Notice of ERISA 4062(e) Event
Notice of Failure to Make Additional Contributions Under ERISA 4062(e)(4)(e)
PBGC-insured Multiemployer Plans
PBGC-insured Single-Employer Plans
Request for Coverage Determination
Small Professional Services DB Plans (not insured by PBGC)

Contact Information & Office Locations

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PO Box 151750
Alexandria, VA 22315-1750

Phone numbers:
  • (800) 400-7242
  • (202) 229-6047 (Workers, Retirees, & Beneficiaries in Multiemployer Plans)
Fax numbers:
  • (202) 229-4047
Hours of operation:
  • 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday – Friday (except federal holidays

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