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The Southeastern Power Administration markets hydroelectric power generated by federal reservoirs to public entities in the southeastern United States.

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10 CFR Part 850 - Appendix A Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program Informed Consent Form
Acknowledgment and Agreement to Participate in the Human Reliability Program
ADP Transcription Sheet Internal Project Transfers
Authorization and Consent to Release Human Reliability Program Records in Connection with HRP
Classified Matter Receipt
Clearance Access Request
Concise Note
Contractor Salary-Wage Increase Expenditure Report
Contract Security Classification Specification (CSCS)
Critical Energy Infrastructure Information Review Request
DOE F 206.1
DOE F 206.4
DOE F 241.2
DOE F 241.4
DOE F 241.5
DOE F 242.1
DOE F 280.1
DOE F 284
DOE F 321.1

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Main Office

1166 Athens Tech Rd.
Elberton, GA 30635-6711

Fax numbers:
  • (706) 213-3884

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