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The Susquehanna River Basin Commission is an interstate body, with representatives from New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and the federal government, that manages the environmental stewardship and economic development of the Susquehanna river and its tributaries.

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ABR(f) Consumptive Use Metering Plan
Certification of Notification - Form 55
Instructions for Completing a Consumptive Use Application
Instructions for Completing an ABR(e) Application
Instructions for completing an ATP/AHE
Instructions for Completing an Emergency Certificate Application
Instructions for Completing an Into-Basin Diversion Application
Instructions for Completing a Surface Water Application
Instructions for Minor Modifications
Project Contact Information (PCI) Instructions - PCI Guidance
Public Water Supplier Letter of Agreement
Remediation General Permit
Remediation General Permit Approval of Coverage
Remediation General Permit Fact Sheet
Remediation General Permit Metering Plan Template
Remediation General Permit Notice of Intent
Remediation General Permit Notice of Termination
Sample Docket Holder Commitment Letter
Sample Public Water Supply Commitment Letter

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Main Office

4423 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Phone numbers:
  • (717) 238-0423

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