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Addendum to application for adjudication of claim to identify legal entity employing injured worker Court
Additional QME panel request Qmeame, QME/AME
AME or QME declaration of service of medical - legal report Qmeame, QME/AME
Annual report of adjusting locations for claims administrators whose ARI requirements have been waived Audit
Answer to application for adjudication of claim Court
Application for accreditation or re-accreditation as education provider Qmeame, QME/AME
Application for adjudication of claim Court
Application for appointment as qualified medical evaluator Qmeame, QME/AME
Application for benefits for serious and willful misconduct of employer Court
Application for discretionary payments from the uninsured employers' fund Qmeame, QME/AME
Application for discrimination benefits pursuant to Labor Code section 132 - A Court
Application for Independent Medical Review Independent Medical Review
Application for subsequent injuries fund benefits Qmeame, QME/AME
Apportionment request Disability Evaluation
Arbitrator submittal Court
Attorney Fee Disclosure Statement Court
Audit referral form Audit
Audit report of inventory Audit
Commutation request Disability Evaluation
Complaint form: Audit Unit Complaint

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