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To provide safety services to both the citizens of the state and visitors to the state of Louisiana by upholding and enforcing the laws, administering regulatory programs, managing records, educating the public and managing emergencies, both directly and through interaction with other agencies. To be an organization that makes a difference, achieves excellence and a position of leadership. To act with integrity and professionalism maintaining an environment that is responsive to the needs of our personnel and the community. To provide essential public safety services efficiently and effectively through education, prevention and the use of technology.

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Accident Installment Plan Agreement Drivers Management Bureau
Act of Donation Vehicle Registration
Affidavit of Heirship Vehicle Registration
Antique License Plate Affidavit Vehicle Registration
Application for a Hazardous Materials Endorsement Driver's License
Application for Claim Against Surety For Taxes Paid Vehicle Registration
Application For Dealer Plate Vehicle Registration
Application for License or ID Card Drivers Management Bureau
Application for License or ID Card Driver's License
Application for Permit to Dismantle Vehicle Registration
Application for Personalized Plate Vehicle Registration
Application For Road Skills Test Driver's License
Application For Salvage-Recontructed Motor Vehicle Vehicle Registration
Application for Secure POA Form Vehicle Registration
Application for Temporary Registration Markers Vehicle Registration
Bill of Sale of a Movable Vehicle Registration
Bioptic Lens Vision Examination Driver's License
CDL Driver's License Manual Driver's License
CDL Driver's License Manual Drivers Management Bureau
CDL Driver's License Manual Supplement Driver's License

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