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The Department of Finance provides effective and efficient management of the City’s financial resources. It is responsible for the collection or disbursement of City revenues and all funds required to be in the custody of the city treasurer.

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Affidavit for Diversity Credit
Affidavit of Joint Venture
"Bid Bond" Form
CDOT - FHWA Funds - Rev. 2022
Checklist-Elevator or Dumbwaiter Inspection
Checklist - Escalator or Moving Walk Inspection
Chicago Public Schools Sample Leasing Terms and Conditions
City and State Funded Rev. 2022
City of Chicago Travel Guidelines (September 2016)
Clarifying Questions Template (Jan 2012)
Company Profile (Jan 2012)
Company References (Jan 2012)
Construction: CDOT - City Funded (revised 11/19/2012)
Construction - CDOT FTA Funded (revised 11/19/2012)
Construction - CDOT IDOT Funded (revised 11/19/2012)
Construction - Water Management City Funded (revised 11/19/2012)
Construction Work Services MBE, WBE & DBE Special Conditions
Contractor's Statement of Experience and Financial Condition
Failure to Promptly Pay Subcontractor Form
MBE/WBE Waiver Document

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Main Office

121 N. LaSalle Street
7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602

Phone numbers:
  • (312) 744-2204

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