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To serve, promote, and protect the agricultural producers, processors, and consumers of Missouri’s food, fuel, and fiber products.

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2017 4-H Building Our American Communities Grant Application
2017 BOAC Project Completion Notice Form
2017 FFA Building Our American Communities Grant Application
Agreement for Performance of Livestock Market/Sale Veterinary Responsibilities
Animal Care Examination List
Animal Waste Treatment System Loan Program
Application for Bulk Milk Hauler License
Application for Bulk Tank Permit
Application for Distributor's Permit
Application for Farm Bulk Haulers Permit
Application for Stock Purchase of $50,000 or Less
Application for Value-Added Loan Guarantee
Application to Install a Pipeline Milking System on a Dairy Farm
Applicator - Dealer License Application
Approved Fieldman Application
Assignment of Certificate of Deposit
Beginning Farmer Loan Program Application
Bridge Loan Program Application
Brucellosis-Free Herd Certification for Cervidae
Brucellosis Herd Recertification - Verification

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PO Box 630
1616 Missouri Boulevard
Jefferson City, MO 65102

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  • (573) 751-4211

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