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Alcohol Certification Affidavit Forms
Alcohol Measurement Certification Checklist
Backflow Registration Form
Backflow Test Report
Backup Generator Permit
Barricade Permit Application Checklist
BI_Ambulatory Health Care Attachment to CO App_03-01-2017
BI_Bldg Construction Site Sign Requirements_06-27-2016
Building Construction Site Management Requirements
Building Inspection Permit Application
Certificate of Occupancy Checklist
Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Application
Commercial Building - Finish Out/Remodel/Renovation - Application Checklist(effective July 1, 2019)
Commercial Building - Finish Out/Remodel/Renovation - Permit Processing Information Sheet
Commercial Building - New Construction and Additions(effective July 1, 2019)
Communications Tower on Private Property
Demolition Indemnification "Hold Harmless" Agreement
District Office Permit Application
Electrical Contractor Registration
Electrical No Work Checklist - Clean and Show

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Benefits Service Center

1500 Marilla Street
Room 1D-South
Dallas, TX 75201

Phone numbers:
  • (214) 671-6947, Option 1
Fax numbers:
  • (214) 659-7098

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