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Distressed Energy Communities
DLT Draft Grant Agreement
Employment and Asset Certification
Form 4280-3A Total Project Costs of $80,000 or less
Form RD 4280-3B Total Project Costs of less than $200,000 but more than $80,000
Form RD 4280-3C Total Project Costs of $200,000 and greater
FY 2023 DLT Webinar Materials
FY 23 DLT Application Checklist
FY 23 DLT Application Guide
FY 23 DLT Sample Worksheets
Homeowners Information Guide - English version
Homeowners Information Guide - Spanish version
RD Form 1942-39, Checklist - Other Than Public Bodies
RD Form 1942-40, Checklist - Public Body
Request for Information
SAIPE Poverty Data
Uniform Residential Loan Application

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2229 Boot Hill Court
Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone numbers:
  • (406) 585-2580
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  • (855) 576-2674

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