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The mission of the New York State Department of Labor is to protect workers, assist the unemployed and connect job seekers to jobs.

We vigorously enforce state Labor Laws to give businesses that obey the law an even break. We work aggressively to ensure a fair wage for all workers. We protect the safety and health of workers and the public. We help the unemployed via temporary payments (unemployment insurance). We link job seekers with employers. We guide workers to training that will keep New York strong in the world economy.

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10 Things You Must Do When Filing for Unemployment Insurance Claimant
Access to Services in Your Language: Complaint Form Claimant
Achieving Equal Opportunity in Apprenticeship: Ideas that Work Claimant
Agricultural Employer Wage Statement Claimant
Agricultural Employment
Agricultural Employment Claimant
Agricultural Employment Services Outreach Form Claimant
Agriculture Labor Program Claimant
Amended Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting and Unemployment Insurance Return
Ancillary Group-Sponsor/Signatory Agreement Claimant
Annual Supplementary Contribution Report
Annual Supplementary Contribution Report
Apparel Industry Minimum Wage Poster Claimant
Applying for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits Claimant
Apprentice Complaint Procedure Claimant
Apprenticeship Agreement Claimant
Apprenticeship Applicant Notification Claimant
Apprenticeship Expansion Grant RFA Fact Sheet Claimant
Apprenticeship Rank List Claimant
Apprenticeship Training Program Sponsor Information Sheet and Instructions Claimant

Contact Information & Office Locations

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W.A. Harriman Campus
Building 12
Albany, NY 12240

Phone numbers:
  • (888) 209-8124 (Individual UI Claim Assistance)
  • (800) 833-3000 (NY.Gov assistance)
  • (Press Office Email)

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