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The Treasury Division is the bank and trust center for the State of Alaska. It provides cash management, investment and portfolio management, debt management and accounting services for the State’s General Fund, the Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund, various retirement funds and numerous other funds and trusts.

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Form Title Topics
2013_11_21 Partnership Draft Forms Posted
2014_11_04 Drafts of Partnership Forms for Tax Year 2014
2019_02_05 Forms 6323 and 6324 2013 Alaska LNG Storage Facility Credit Instructions
Agency Subaccount Request
ASAP Book Entry Adjustment
ASAP Federal Draw Request
ASAP Federal Draw Request for EPA
Direct Coding Template Spreadsheet
Domestic Wire Request
International Wire Request
PAPRS Federal Draw Request
Redeemed Warrant Request
Smartlink (PMS) Federal Draw Request
Verifiers Designation form 2022
Verifiers Designation form 2023

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