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Application for Assignment of CCUs
Application for Federal Meat, Poultry, or Import Inspection - FSIS Form 5200-2
Application for N.C. Antifreeze Registration
Application for Registered Technician's Card
Application for Registered Technician School
Application for Registration as a Limited Petroleum Device Technician
Application for Registration as a Weighmaster
Application for State Meat Inspection - MPIS Form 1f
Application to Obtain Specimens from Official Establishment - MPIS Form 5f
A sample meter seal break notification form
Boarding Kennels
Branch Office Registration Form
Cooperative Research Agreement (form AD-11
Delinquent Registration Fee Form
Delinquent Registration Fee Form
Diagnostic (problem) samples (form AD-2
Diagnostic (problem) samples (form AD-5
Endophyte Testing Form
Forage Analysis Form
Gypsy Moth Slow-the-Spread Regulatory Inspection Form

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2 West Edenton Street
1001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1001

Phone numbers:
  • (919) 707-3002 (Public Affairs Division)
  • (919) 707-3280 (Veterinary Division: Animal Welfare Section)
  • (919) 707-3002 (Public Affairs Division)
  • (919) 707-3250 (Veterinary Division)

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