Jefferson Couty Clerk and Comptroller

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Form Title Topics
Affidavit of Defense
Agreement for Partial Payment of Civil Infraction
Application for Criminal Indigent Status
Civil Cover Sheet & Instructions
Determination of Indigency
Disposition of Personal Property without Administration
Driver Improvement Course Affidavit
Eviction Packet
Final Disposition Form & Instructions
Florida Department of Revenue 2020 Uniform Policies and Procedures Manual
Form A
Guilty Plea (30 Over)
Motion to Abate Child Support
Motion to Contest Drivers License Suspension
Notice of Hearing
Payment Options
Registration Agreement to View Records
Requests For Hearings
Statement of Claim
Statement of Claim

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1 Courthouse Circle
Monticello, FL 32344

Phone numbers:
  • (850) 342-0218 ext. 232
Fax numbers:
  • (850) 342-0222

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