Employee Relations Board

Official Website: https://erb.lacity.org/

The Employee Relations Board administers the City's Employee Relations Ordinance (the "ERO"). Its functions in, so doing include determining employee representation units, arranging for elections in such units, determining the validity of claims of unfair practices filed against management and employee organizations, acting on requests for mediation, fact finding and arbitration to resolve bargaining impasses and grievances and assisting employees to obtain access to their personnel file pursuant to California Labor Code section 1198.5

Forms & Documents

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Form Title Topics
ERB-1a Petition for Decertification (Form)
ERB-1 Petition For Certification (Form)
ERB-2 Motion to Intervene in a Proceeding for Certification (Form)
ERB-3 Unfair Employee Relations Practice Claim Against Management (Form)
ERB-4 Unfair Employee Relations Practice Claim Against Employee Organization (Form)
ERB 5 - Petition for Amendment of Certification (Form)
ERB 6 - Petition for Election to Rescind Agency Shop Revision (Form)
Proof of Service by Mail (Form)
Proof of Service by Personal Delivery (Form)

Contact Information & Office Locations

1 contact point

Main Office

City Hall East
200 North Main Street
Room 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone numbers:
  • (213) 473-9700
Fax numbers:
  • (213) 473-7751
  • erb@lacity.org

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