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15 Hour Certificate of Completion 2017
15 Hour Certificate of Completion 2020
2023 UI/TDI Quick Reference
Advisory Regarding Payment of Fringe Benefits to Apprentices on Prevailing Wage Projects
Agreement for Electronic Payment of Benefits Form DWC-EB1
Application and Instructions for Alarm Agent License (en español)
Application for a COMPANY License
Application for Alarm Business License (en español)
Application for a Limited Premise Electrical License (en español)
Application for an Electrician's License (en español)
Application for Exam - Mechanic Installer (Español)
Application For Medical Examiner
Application for Permit to Install or Modernize Vertical Devices (Español)
Application Packet
Apprentice Completion
Apprenticeship Agreement
Apprenticeship Requirement Complaint Form (Español
Apprenticeship Toolkit PDF file, about 2mbmegabytes
Authorization for Background Check and Release (en español)

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Employer Tax Unit Rhode Island

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