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2020 Rhode Island State Police Annual Report
2021 Rhode Island State Police Annual Report
2022 Rhode Island State Police Annual Report
Annual Review of Holding Facilities – CY 2020
Background Check Fingerprint Form
Bingo Complaint Form (Form SP-3)
Bingo Rules and Regulations
Burned Commercial Motor Vehicle Report
Citizen's Complaint Form (Spanish)
Complaint / Compliment Form (English)
Financial Report for Special (One Time) Bingos (Form SP-2.1)
Financial Report for Weekly Bingos (Form SP-2)
GO.001A - Law Enforcement Role & Authority
GO.001C - Employee Nepotism and Fraternization
GO.002A - Written Directives
GO.002B - Administrative Reporting System
GO.002D - Records Retention Schedule
GO.002E - Public Records Request Procedure - Requests of Access to Law Enforcement Records
GO.003D1 - Check Receipt Procedures
GO.004A - Traffic Administration

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