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Notice and Affidavit of Foreign Judgment Registration
Notice of Appeal on Denial of Self-Consent Abortion by a Minor
Notice of Filing [ ] Domestic Relations Commissioner's Report [ ] Master Commissioner's Report
Notice of Relocation
Notice of Submission of Case for Final Adjudication
Order Acknowledging Deferred Prosecution
Order Entry of Satisfaction of Judgment (Small Claims)
Order for Isolation of Individual Pursuant to 902 KAR 2:030
Order for Medical Testing and Body Substance Sample
Order for Quarantine of Individual Pursuant to KRS 212.245(6
Order Granting Pretrial Diversion of Class D Felony (Also file AOC 491 or AOC 491.2)
Order Probating Will and Appointing Executor/Executrix
Order Referring Case to Master Commissioner For Judicial Sale
Order Referring Case to Special Master Commissioner for Judicial Sale
Order Sealing Records for Successful Deferred Prosecution
Order Terminating Deferred Prosecution
Order Voiding Conviction and Sealing Records
Order Voiding Pretrial Diversion of a Class D Felony
Parenting Conduct Order

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