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14-Day Notice, Civil Infraction
21-Day Notice to Alleged Violator of Custody or Parenting Time Provisions (Arabic)
21-Day Notice to Alleged Violator of Custody or Parenting Time Provisions (Spanish)
Acceptance of Appointment
Acceptance of Appointment (Juvenile Guardian)
Acceptance of Receivership Appointment (Receivership Estate)
Addendum to Protected Personal Identifying Information
Advice of Rights (Circuit Court Plea) (Korean)
Affidavit Concerning Financial Status- Leave to Appeal Granted by Supreme Court
Affidavit for Restricted Driver's License
Affidavit for Search Warrant
Affidavit of Efforts to Locate Absent Parent
Affidavit of Incorrect Address
Affidavit of Service Performed by Lawyer-Guardian Ad Litem
Appeal of Suspension, Revocation, or Denial of Driver’s License
Appearance of Attorney/Guardian Ad Litem/Lawyer-Guardian Ad Litem
Application for Appointment of Out-of-State Guardian of Legally Incapacitated Individual
Application for Appointment of Successor Personal Representative (Estate Not Closed)
Application for IV-D Child Support Services

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Michigan Judiciary

Hall of Justice
PO Box 30048
925 W. Ottawa Street
Lansing, MI 48915

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  • (517) 373-0128
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  • (517) 373-9831

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