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FI 100, FINDER Debt Source Setup
FI 10, Acceptance of Cash Custody
FI 117, Appropriation Budgets
FI 11, Leave Bank Donation Request
FI 120, Inventory Adjustment Code Table
FI 121, Inventory Adjustment
FI 123, Stock Return Transaction
FI 125, Over the Counter Transaction
FI 126, Transfer Request/Transfer Issue Transaction
FI 12, Lost Check Replacement Form
FI 13, Immediate Replacement of Lost Payroll Check
FI 14, NSF Check Notice
FI 151, Request for Unit Setup
FI 15, Payroll Warrant Request
FI 16A, State Employee EFT Authorization (Non-Payroll)
FI 17, Payroll System Leave Adjustment Form
FI 18, Retroactive Regular Pay Worksheet
FI 22, Warrant to Replace Direct Deposit/Payroll Transactions
FI 24, Workers’ Compensation Adjustment Form
FI 27, Warrant Cancellation Form

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