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The mission of the Department of Labor and Regulation is to promote economic opportunity and financial security for individuals and businesses through quality, responsive and expert services; fair and equitable employment solutions; and safe and sound business practices. View detailed descriptions of the various divisions and programs, along with the appropriate contact information.

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Form Title Topics
Abstracter's Bond
Abstracter's Complaint Form
Active Certificate Renewal Application
ADA Policy Accommodations
Affidavit for Inactive Status and CPE Exemption
Affidavit for Lost CPA Certificate
Affidavit for Retired Status and CPE Exemption
Agency Agreement - Owner (Listing Agreement)
Agency Agreement - Purchaser
Aggregate Surety Bond
Agreement to Manage and Lease Real Estate
Application for a Barber Shop License
Application for Abstracter's Examination and Licensure
Application for a State Bank Charter and Deposit Insurance
Application for Disability Accommodations (Form ADA) and Instructions
Application for Exception to Loan or Credit Limitations
Application for Issuance of Appraiser Certificate/License by Reciprocity
Application for Permit to Employ Handicapped Persons
Application for Reciprocal Certificate
Application for Registration as an Appraisal Management Company

Contact Information & Office Locations

1 contact point

Department Secretary /Deputy Secretary

Provide administration and leadership direction to all areas of the Department of Labor and Regulation.

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
123 W. Missouri Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501-0405

Phone numbers:
  • (605) 626-3179
  • (605) 773-5395
  • (605) 773-3101 (main line)
Fax numbers:
  • (605) 773-6184

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