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PC-10.10 General Waiver
PC-10.11 Last Will and Testament
PC-10.12 Order
PC-10.13 Affidavit of Real Property
PC-10.14 Affidavit of Notice to Creditors
PC-10.1 Entry of Appearance
PC-10.2 Allowance of Furniture
PC-10.3 Order of Distribution
PC-10.4 Supplemental Inventory
PC-10.5 Miscellaneous Petition
PC-10.6 Certificate of Devise or Descent
PC-10.8 General Certification
PC-10.9 Dedimus Potestatem
PC-1.10 Petition for Voluntary Informal Administrator
PC-1.11 Affidavit of Newly Discovered Assets $5000 or Less and Statement of Proposed Distribution
PC-1.13 Affidavit Complete Distribution $5000 or Less
PC-1.14 Objection to Reopening Estate
PC-1.1 Administration Petition
PC-1.2 Administration De Bonis Non or De Bonis Non Cum Testamento Annexo
PC-1.3 Ancillary Petition

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State House
82 Smith Street
Room 38
Providence, RI 02903-1120

Phone numbers:
  • (401) 222-3983
Fax numbers:
  • (401) 222-1404

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