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California State University, Northridge is a vibrant, diverse university community of 38,310 students and more than 4,000 faculty and staff, sited on a 356-acre campus in the heart of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley

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4th Week Change of Schedule Request for Undergraduate Students
AB540-CA Nonresident Tuition Exemption
AB 540 exemption instructions
Address Correction or Change
Affidavit of Financial Support
Application for Graduate Degree and Diploma Graduate Studies, Graduate Student
Application for Graduate Degree and Diploma Date Change Graduate Studies, Graduate Student
Change of Objective for Graduate Students Graduate Studies, Graduate Student
Confidentiality Hold on Student Records
Course Description Request Form
Cross Enrollment
CSU Residence Questionnaire
Culminating Experience Enrollment Request Graduate Studies, Graduate Student
Diploma Duplicate
Diploma Name Change Request
Disqualified Readmission Questionnaire
DPR Review Request
DPR Review Request
Duplicate Graduate Degree Diploma Graduate Studies, Graduate Student
Extra Unit Authorization Graduate Studies, Graduate Student

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Main Office

18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330

Phone numbers:
  • (818) 677-1200

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