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Austism Spectrum Disorder - Diagnostic Criteria Handout
Austism Spectrum Disorder - DSM Handout
Autism Spectrum Disorder (560)
Cognitive Disability (510)
Consent for Initial Provisions of Special Education/Spanish
Consent to invite agency
Deaf Blindness (500)
Deafness (545)
Developmental Delay (570)
Directions for Completing Main Eligibility
Eligibility in SD Guide 2016
Emotional Disturbance (505)
Evaluation Instruments
Hearing Loss (515)
Main Determination of Eligibility (NEW)
Orthopedic Impairment (535)
Other Health Impaired (555)
Specific Learning Disability (525)
Speech Language (550)
Traumatic Brain Injury (565)

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800 Governors Drive
Pierre, SD 57501

Phone numbers:
  • (605) 773-3134

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