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North Dakota is one of the most innovative states in the country according to Consumer Technology Association. From launching the nation’s first operational test site for Unmanned Aircraft Systems to developing cutting-edge precision farming practices, our state is committed to policies that create an environment where innovation thrives, and new enterprises can entice and retain top talent. We welcome homegrown entrepreneurs — and those looking for a place to establish their enterprises — to grow their businesses and create quality jobs for our skilled workforce. And we will work right beside you to make it happen.

Through expert guidance from business coaches, certified entrepreneurial centers and extensive leadership courses, Innovate ND provides the entrepreneurial community of North Dakota the resources needed to help turn an innovative idea into a profitable business.

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2019 Statement of Farm Gross Income
2020 Statement of Farm Gross Income
Admitting District Chronological Listing of Open Enrollment Applications-SFN 50040
Adult Learning Center Attendance Log (C67)
Advanced Placement (AP) Student Fee Submission-SFN 61062
Advanced Placement Summer Institute Application-SFN 61056
Annexation Petition-SFN 17811
Application for 21st Century Community Learning Center Grants-SFN 53515
Application for Abatement
Application for Alternative Education Program Approval-SFN 50090
Application for a Paraprofessional Certificate of Completion-SFN 53923
Application For Classification as Inundated Agricultural Land
Application for Continuing Education Grants-SFN 58629
Application for Disabled Veterans Property Tax Credit
Application For Exemption Of Solar, Wind, or Geothermal Devices
Application for Homestead Credit for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons
Application for Mobile Homes County Registration
Application for Property Tax Exemption
Application For Property Tax Exemption For Improvements To Commercial And Residential Buildings
Application For Special Education Credential-SFN 9447

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600 E. Boulevard
Bismarck, ND 58503

Phone numbers:
  • (701) 328-2480
  • (701) 328-2200
Fax numbers:
  • (701) 328-2205

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