Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board

Official Website: https://hmoab.hawaii.gov

The Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board, an attached agency of the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR), exists to verify and certify Island operators of all construction crane and tower machines having a lifting capacity of one ton or more.

HMOAB operates with a five-member advisory board, made up of representatives from organized labor and construction management firms, and are appointed by the Governor for four-year, staggered terms. The Administrative and financial business for the agency is completed by an Executive Assistant, who serves at the direction of the Board.

Forms & Documents

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Form Title Topics
2017 Tax Data Schedule
Booklet A Employer’s Tax Guide (Rev. 2020)
Carrier’s Case Report
Employee’s Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Employee’s Wage Report
Employer’s Report of Industrial Injury
Informed Consent for Opioid Prescribed Pills
Outline of the Hawaii Tax System as of July 1, 2020
WC-3A Carrier's Benefit Adjustment Report

Contact Information & Office Locations

1 contact point

HMOAB Office

830 Punchbowl Street
Room 114
Room 114, HI 96813

Phone numbers:
  • (808) 586-8146
  • HMOAB@hawaii.gov

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