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Abandoned Vehicle Notice
Abandoned Vehicle Removal Authorization
Abbreviated Medical Record
Acceptance of MIPR
Accessions Medical Prescreen Report
Accessorial Services-Mobile Home
Accident Identification Card
Acquisition Position Restricted to Member of the Armed Forces
Active Duty Report
Activity/Task List
Administrative Service Request
Advance Pay Certification/Authorization
Aircraft Cargo Manifest Continuation
Aircraft Utilization Plan, Unit
Aircraft Utilization Summary
Airdrop Malfunction Report (Personnel-Cargo)
Airlift Request - SAAM or JCS Exercise
Air Transportation Agreement
Alcohol Incident Report
Alternate Foreign Government and Commercial Fuel Customer Billing Information

Contact Information & Office Locations

All 2 contact points

Executive Services Directorate

1155 Defense Pentagon
Room 3C842
Washington, DC 20301-1155

Phone numbers:
  • (703)692-5473 (Min line) , (703) 695-9717 (Correspondence Management Division)
  • (703) 614-5001 (Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review)
  • (703) 695-4266 (Graphics and Presentations Division)
  • (571) 372-0498 (Freedom of Information Division); Toll Free (866) 571-4970

1400 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1400

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