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Adversary Cover Sheet
Affidavit and Disclosure Statement of Mediator
Affidavit Pursuant to Local Rule 1007-1
Affidavit Pursuant to Local Rule 1009-1(a)
Agreement to Mediate
Appearance of Child Support Creditor or Representative
Application Directing Correction of SSN(s)/Other ITIN(s) - Attorneys (12/1/15)
Application Directing Correction of SSN(s)/Other ITIN(s) - Pro Se Debtors
Application for Pro Bono Mediation
Application for Search of Bankruptcy Records
Application for Waiver of Chapter 7 Filing Fee
Application To Pay Filing Fee In Installments
Bar Date Notice of Deadline Requiring Filing of Proofs of Claim
Bar Date Order Establishing Deadline for Filing Proofs of Claim and Approving the Form and Manner of Notice Thereof
Certificate of Service
Certification of Judgment for Registration in Another District
Chapter 13 Debtors Certification Regarding Domestic Support Obligations and Section 522
Chapter 13 Plan
Chapter 7 Individual Debtors Statement of Intention
Civil Cover Sheet, Bankruptcy Appeal

Contact Information & Office Locations

All 2 contact points

Brooklyn Office

Conrad B. Duberstein U.S. Courthouse
271-C Cadman Plaza East
Suite 1595
Brooklyn, NY 11201-1800

Phone numbers:
  • (347) 394-1700
  • (347) 394-1700 (Help Desk Phone)
Hours of operation:
  • 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Central Islip Office

Alfonse M. D'Amato U.S. Courthouse
290 Federal Plaza
Central Islip, NY 11722

Phone numbers:
  • (631) 712-6200

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