What is a California Attachment to Judicial Council Form (MC-025)?

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Attachment to Judicial Council Form (MC-025) is a California court document that provides extra space for details or explanations when filling out another (primary) court form. MC-025 attachment can be used with any California Judicial Council form to include additional information that does not fit on the main form due to lack of space.

Some examples of CA court forms that instruct to use an MC-025 attachment:

How do I fill out an Attachment to Judicial Council Form?

  • [1] SHORT TITLE refers to the field title on the primary form for which the attachment is included.
  • [2] CASE NUMBER refers to the case number of the primary form. This field must be the same for all MC-025 forms associated with a case.
  • [3] ATTACHMENT (Number) refers to the field number on the primary form for which the attachment is included.
  • [4] The main blank text field is for additional details, facts, comments, or explanations that do not fit on the primary form. All statements submitted in the form are made under penalty of perjury.
  • Only one side of the form can be used. If a single page is not enough, more can be added and numbered accordingly in the [5] Page __ [6] of __ fields on the bottom right, indicating the current page out of the total number.
    • "[1] Short Title" and "[3] Attachment Number" fields must be the same for multiple-page attachments because they refer to the same field or item on the primary form.

How can I file an MC-025 form with the court?

An MC-025 attachment cannot be submitted on its own - it is an extension of the primary court form it accompanies. Each MC-025 attachment must be stapled to its corresponding form and filed together as a single document.


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