Maine State Government Agencies

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  • Department of Health and Human Services

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    The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is dedicated to promoting health, safety, resilience, and opportunity for Maine people. The Department provides health and social services to approximately a third of the State's population, including children, families, older Mainers, and individuals with disabilities, mental illness, and substance use disorders.

    The Department also promotes public health through the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, operates two state psychiatric hospitals, and provides oversight to health care providers through the licensing division. DHHS is the largest executive branch department in Maine, employing over 3,300 people across the state.

  • District Judicial Courts

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    The District Court has 38 judges who hold court in eight regions at many locations throughout Maine. This court hears civil, criminal and family matters and always sits without a jury.

  • Judicial Branch

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    The Judicial Branch is one of three co-equal branches of state government under the Maine Constitution along with the Executive and Legislative branches. Judges and Justices are appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate, and serve seven-year terms.

    Mission is to administer justice by providing a safe, accessible, efficient and impartial system of dispute resolution that serves the public interest, protects individual rights, and instills respect for the law.

  • Maine District Bankruptcy Court

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    Mission is to provide the highest service to those seeking relief or resolution under the Bankruptcy Code.

  • Maine District Court

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  • Maine Prob/Pretrial Office

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  • Maine Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

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  • Revenue Services

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  • Secretary of State

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    The Department of the Secretary of State touches the lives of virtually every Maine resident. From safeguarding the original Maine State Constitution and preserving millions of precious historic documents, to conducting state elections and testing motor vehicle operators, the broad array of Department functions is unusual and interesting.

  • Superior Judicial Courts

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    The Maine Superior Court is Maine's trial court of general jurisdiction and is the only level of court where jury trials are available. Courts are located in each of Maine's eight judicial regions.

  • Supreme Judicial Court

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    The Supreme Judicial Court is the State's highest court and the court of last resort. It has seven justices, presided over by the Chief Justice, who is the head of the Judicial Branch. The Court has two major roles.

    First, the Court decides appeals on questions of law that arise in cases in the state's Superior, District, and Probate Courts, and in some administrative agencies. When the Court decides appeals, it is said to be "Sitting as the Law Court." Its published opinions are binding on all Maine courts when they adjudicate similar disputes.

    Second, the Court governs the Judicial Branch. This includes making policy and procedural rules that govern all state courts, admitting lawyers to the practice of law in state courts, and regulating conduct of lawyers and judges.