Pennsylvania State Government Agencies

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  • Bureau of Enforcement and Investigation

    6 forms 8 contacts

    The Bureau of Enforcement and Investigation is a division within the Pennsylvania Department of State responsible for investigating complaints and allegations of wrongdoing related to the occupations and industries regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of State.

  • Community Defender for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

    13 forms 1 contacts

  • Department of Aging

    54 forms 1 contacts

    ​The mission of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging is to promote independence, purpose, and well-being in the lives of older adults through advocacy, service, and protection.
    The Pennsylvania Department of Aging works to ensure that older adults across Pennsylvania have access to quality services and supports that help them age and live well.

  • Department of Agriculture

    71 forms 1 contacts

  • Department of Banking and Securities

    85 forms 1 contacts

    The mission of Pennsylvania’s Department of Banking and Securities is to regulate financial services and work to ensure consumers and businesses are well-informed about the marketplace.

  • Department of Community and Economic Development

    1 forms 6 contacts

    The Department of Community and Economic Development’s mission is to encourage the shared prosperity of all Pennsylvanians by supporting good stewardship and sustainable development initiatives across our commonwealth. With a keen eye toward diversity and inclusiveness, we act as advisors and advocates, providing strategic technical assistance, training, and financial resources to help our communities and industries flourish.

  • Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

    17 forms 1 contacts

    The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) works to conserve and sustain Pennsylvania’s natural resources for present and future generations’ use and enjoyment.

  • Department of Corrections

    3 forms 1 contacts

    The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) operates as one team, embraces diversity, and commits to enhancing public safety. We are proud of our reputation as leaders in the corrections field. Our mission is to reduce criminal behavior by providing individualized treatment and education to inmates, resulting in successful community reintegration through accountability and positive change.

  • Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

    90 forms 1 contacts

    The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs mission is to engage, coordinate and lead the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s effort to prevent and reduce drug, alcohol and gambling addiction and abuse; and to promote recovery, thereby reducing the human and economic impact of the disease.

  • Department of Education

    20 forms 1 contacts

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) oversees 500 public school districts, more than 170 public charter schools, public cyber charter schools, career and technology centers/vocational technical schools, public intermediate units, the education of youth in State Juvenile Correctional Institutions, Head Starts and publicly funded preschools, and community colleges. PDE also oversees policies related to public, academic, and school libraries, and the State Library of Pennsylvania.

  • Department of Environmental Protection

    19 forms 7 contacts

  • Department of General Services

    45 forms 1 contacts

    At DGS, their mission is to help government operate more efficiently, effectively, and safely – delivering exceptional value for all Pennsylvanians.​ The Department of General Services (DGS) was created by Act 45 of 1975 by the merger of the Department of Property and Supplies and the General State Authority.

  • Department of Health

    107 forms 1 contacts

  • Department of Human Services

    25 forms

  • Department of Human Services

    338 forms 11 contacts

    Their mission is to assist Pennsylvanians in leading safe, healthy, and productive lives through equitable, trauma-informed, and outcome-focused services while being an accountable steward of commonwealth resources.

  • Department of Labor and Industry

    25 forms 1 contacts

  • Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

    31 forms 1 contacts

    Pennsylvania's Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) has a dual mission: to provide quality service to the commonwealth’s veterans and their families, and to oversee and support the members of the Pennsylvania National Guard (PNG).

  • Department of Revenue

    574 forms

    The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's mission is to fairly, efficiently, and accurately administer the tax laws and other revenue programs of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • Department of State

    86 forms 1 contacts

    ​The Department protects the public's health and safety by licensing more than one million business and health professionals; promotes the integrity of the electoral process; supports economic development through corporate registrations and transactions; maintains registration and financial information for thousands of charities, and sanctions professional boxing, kick-boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts.

  • Department of State

    526 forms 8 contacts